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Homeless Shelter, Housing Services
Homeless Shelter, Housing Services
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COTS Detroit

Homeless Shelter, Housing Services Homeless Shelter, Housing Services

Support from friends like you helps individuals and families move closer to self-sufficiency, stability and hope. PLEASE SHARE THE GIFT OF HOPE TODAY!






THANK YOU for supporting COTS and the families we serve by way of the CrowdRise Charity Challenge. Your support means the world to us and we are forever grateful. 


Your gifts will help move families from poverty to progress by way of COTS’ Passport to Self-Sufficiency(TM). This methodology helps families reach their housing, economic, health, education, and career goals, by way of coaching, mentorship, and support to overcome homelessness and break the cycle of poverty for themselves and future generations.


We also send a great big "Thank You" to the the Phillip Fisher’s Mission Throttle and the Marjorie S. Fisher fund of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan for the opportunity to participate in the CrowdRise Challenge.  Their generosity and their efforts have been the catalyst that helped raise more than $500,000 for many amazing organizations in Metro Detroit .


Last but not least, CONGRATULATIONS to NEW - Solutions for Nonprofits and Inforum Center for Leadership for coming in on the top of the leaderboard alongside COTS and to every other organization that participated in this challenge opportunity.  Job well done to each of them and we wish them the best in their continued efforts to serve our communities at large!


Its been fun.  We thank you for the challenge and we look forward to furthering our impact among families experiencing homelessness!



Your friends at COTS





COTS Continues to rely on support from friends like you. If you would like to help us serve families in need, please feel free to share a gift below. Thank you for your generosity and kindness!


Paul Walker came to COTS Emergency Shelter for assistance and through the support of our programs and services, is now a transitional housing resident at COTS. This is what he has to say about homelessness. Quite frankly, we agree. Anyone can be one life event away from the spiral that leads to homelessness.

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